I’ve been feeling no motivation whatsoever to make videos. It’s pretty bad but I’m not inspired at all. Amy (from Vagabond Youth) released a video this month talking about how she hasn’t felt like her authentic self on YT lately. She said she felt like she was just putting out content that was “commercial” and popular I guess. I feel the same way. Even though I’m super super small I feel like I need to do the formulaic things in order to be relevant. But I feel like I have so much more to offer than hauls and lookbooks. They’re fun and easy to watch but I want to do more. The only thing is I don’t know HOW. I don’t know what I would put up instead… I like design, techy things, games, editing, but I don’t know how to portray that in a video.

Sigh. I just need to brain storm a bit but I haven’t had time. What with work and all these other things I’m doing in terms of learning coding/programming.

In other news, I just came back from Korea. I loved loved it there. I’ve been before but that trip was very short and I didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to. This time though! We were there for almost 2 weeks! It was so so amazing. The little stores, boutiques and cafes are absolutely gorgeous. The design detail and themes are just so cool. Why can’t it be like that over here? Everyone there dresses so nice. I kind of hope to live there or work there someday. 🙂




Okay, so…

before I get into the whole school situation I just wanted to recap my vacation because I feel that if I write it down my memory will last longer. So here goes.

Day 0.5

June 1

I went to work the day we had to fly and I worked till about 2 pm. I left and went to the post office to pick up a package that I had gotten. It was a package from F21. Great. I had more clothes to bring with me. I went home and finished packing the rest of my stuff (electronics and etc.). Then Kelvin and I went to drop Kelvin’s car off at Eric’s (his mechanic) to do his brakes while we’re gone. Eric drove us to the airport afterwards. It was raining at the time.

The flight was about 5.5 hrs long but it felt like it took forever! I couldn’t sleep. We also bumped into a friend at the gate! Will and his girlfriend Janice. I’ve never talked to Janice before so this trip was a nice way to get to know her. I haven’t talked to Will in such a long time. I would say about 3 years or so ago we lost touch. So right before we boarded we exchanged some information and promised we’d meet up.

So we got to Maui after an excruciating flight. We were both kinda grumpy but we were happy we landed. We went to Avis to get our car (we upgraded to a mini SUV). We jumped into our rental and made our way to the resort.

Let’s just say the road there was no a very fun one. It was dark with limited street lights so it was very hard to see. We made the wrong turn a couple of times before we made it to the front entrance of the resort.

The resort was very nice ableit a bit dated. We got to our room and went to bed.

Day 1

June 2

I woke up really early (as I did for the rest of the trip). Sun rise was at about 5:30 and I saw all of them. We got up and had breakfast at the cafe downstairs. I did some filming for my YouTube channel in the morning as well. We did a little shopping as we made our way to meet Will and Janice for shaved ice. We didn’t bring our own beach towels so we grabbed some from Old Navy and Kelvin bought some clothes.

We went to Uluhani’s Shaved Ice on Dairy Rd. It was pretty fricking yummy. The coconut ice cream at the bottom finished it off nicely.

After that we walked around Paia which housed some really cute local stores. Then we went to the beach close by Will’s place to chill. The ocean is incredible I must say. After that we went our separate ways. Kelvin and I went to Lahaina area because I wanted to check out the shopping around that area. We went and talked to a bunch of activity vendors. First we talked to a guy at Boss Frogs and he seemed kind of sketchy so we said we would come back after we ate. We walked to the restaurant Cool Cats that the guy recommended and I forget what I ate already but it was cool. Then we stopped by some more of the activity booths and talked to a super weird girl.

She seemed like she was on drugs or something. Basically they can give you a really cheap price for a ticket to an activity (we were trying to book snorkelling at Molokini). The catch is that you have to attend a timeshare presentation. She kept trying to imply something which I didn’t understand. It was just a weird situation. Anyways, we left her and stopped by another counter which was more upfront and said if we went to the presentation we could get all 4 people on the boat for 40 bucks essentially. $40!! So cheap. But we didn’t want to waste vacation time being sold something we weren’t going to buy. So we went back to the first guy and he sold us a boat that went to Molokini on Sunday for $60 each which was better than the $100 each that the other people tried to sell us on.

After wandering around Lahaina we went back to our hotel to sleep.

Day 2

June 3

This day we checked out the beach at our resort and then headed to Mama’s Fish Shack for lunch. It was deliciousss but expensive. The restaurant itself looked like it used to be a private residence. It was built right by the shore with it’s own little private beach. Afterwards we intended to go to this beach north of Lahaina because it was said to have great snorkelling but it ended up being too late to snorkell by the time we went back to resort to grab the stuff and go. However, we did get to go down this narrow road past that beach and Kelvin enjoyed that. We saw a cool blow hole and Olivine’s pool! After that we wandering to Kihei to have dinner at Coconuts. There was a super cute kitty wandering around the restaurant. So I gave him/her some of my fish :p.

Day 3

June 4

We went to Haleakala National Park! It was soo amazing up there. The drive was cool and super windy. Kelvin liked it a lot I think. It was funny because we got caught behind a really slow person for a little bit of the way up and then it happened again on the way down! Such a coincidence. We hiked a little bit of the sliding sands trail. It was quite difficult actually due to the thin air up there. The view was gorgeous though. Then after that we met up with Will and Janice at Lahaina this time. Kelvin and I got Dole Whip (it was delicious). We walked around and went to baby beach right by the shopping area. Chilled around a bit there before W&J went to dinner and Kel and I went back to Haleakala to catch the sunset. Oh, before that we went to the food court around dairy rd. to get some L&L bbq food. I had the chicken katsu on rice. The portions were hugeeee. But it was delivious. So onto Haleakala.

We decided to stay for the stars as well. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER. I could not believe it was real life. I felt like I was in heave during the sunset. We were above the clouds. It looked like the view from an airplane but we were on land! It was just amazing. I think this day really made it for me. I just cannot believe it still. Also let me talk about the stars.

Oh my god, the stars. They were everywhere. 180 degrees all around. You really feel like you were in space. I saw a shooting star as well! It was just so so beautiful. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. I want to take up stargazing now!! We were lucky because it was a new moon so there was no moonlight to interfere with the starlight.

We went back to the resort at about 10:30 pm. We went to bed right away because we had Molokini to go to the next day!

Day 4

June 5

Molokini check-in was at 6:30 am. We woke up around 5:15 am. Got to the harbour and was on our way to the crater. The snorkelling was fun but the variety of fish was kind of meh. I wish we were diving instead. The water was beautiful though and really clear. We all were really tired on the way back. I think I tanned a lot on this day.

After we got back on shore we went to the bar nearby to get a drink and Will ate a sandwich.

I can’t really remember what we did after this because we went back to the resort and I fell asleep at like 6 pm. Oh! Kelvin went to radioshack to buy a walkie talkie and we stopped by the shopping area in Wailea so I could look at a Prada wallet. I also got a necklace from Swarvoksi in the shape of a moon with 3 stars to remind me of Haleakala.

We ordered room service for dinner. It was really good. Then I PTFO’ed.

Day 5

June 6

This was Road to Hana day. We started at 8 AM at Will’s place. Kelvin was in a bad mood to state because of some work things. We missed the bamboo forest and the first fruit stand but that was okay. We had the CD to tell us all these interesting stories and history of Hawaii. We stopped for banana bread (it was so fresh and yummy!) and I got a spam and egg rice bowl. Then we made our way down the road and saw lots of waterfalls. We didn’t swim in any because they looked very dirty. We also go this really good coconut candy!! It was soso good. T_T I’m sad we didn’t buy more. The best part of the trip was definitely Halealaka again at the end. It was called the seven sacred pools but according to the CD there were about 20 something fresh water pools here. We swam in a fresh water pool in a cave! It was amazing! We also went into this lava tube and that was interesting but a bit too short. Overall today was really awesome.

We took the rest of the road out instead of turning back. It was a really good decision. The road was a bit bumpy in the beginning but near the end it was just the road and wilderness. The views were just breath taking. Photos and videos do it no justice.

We had dinner in Paia again at a flat bread place which had really good flatbread!

After that we said our goodbyes and went back to the resort to pack a bit and sleep.

Day 6

June 7

Our last day in Maui :(. I woke up early to film some outfits for my summer lookbook. I tried to dry this bikini of mine but it just smelled way to horrible so I threw it out because it doesn’t fit me well anyways.

We checked out at about 10:30 am. We got breakfast at Da Kitchen and walked around Dairy rd.  I got the shaved ice again, this time with coffee and coconut syrup. So good! Then we went to watch X-men to kill time. I really like the movie. Charles Xavier is so sexy lol.

After that we had dinner at the airport. They had really good food surprisingly.

Then we were on the way back home! I slept horribly. Maybe 2.5 hours total of sleep. Zzzz.


And that was our trip! It was an amazing time. I would definitely go back.







A short vacation

and then a longer one is coming along. haha. I’m currently at a little resort about 4 hours east of where I live. It’s a long weekend here and I thought it was be nice to have a break. Work has been really hectic and this was much needed. I also have no class this Monday because of the holiday. Next class is the midterm so I expect to study a little in the coming weeks.

The midterm doesn’t seem too hard but hopefully I don’t miss or forget something simple. I get to bring a cheat sheet so I’ll need to do that.




My eyes are going a bit blurry lately. Might be from staring at a screen for too long. Currently, I’m finishing up the Python lessons on Codecademy. After that I think I might start on Ruby or Javascript. I have one assignment to do and finish this weekend. I will do that tomorrow I promise!




Ahhhhh, I’m almost at 1000 subscribers on YouTube! I can’t believe it. It’s been such an awesome journey. I can’t wait to create more content for my channel! I am forever grateful to anyone who watches my videos. It’s such a weird feeling that so many people enjoy (hopefully) the things I make.

Cheers to this milestone!



I’m on a streak! Yes! I’ve been fly through the modules for CSS on Codecademy lately. It’s so fun. I’m just starting on the CSS positioning module now! I can’t wait to sit down and do a website when I’m finished all these courses.

But now I need to get ready to go out!

C ya,



So today I spent a whole hour watching and coding along with a Codecademy live stream while at work. Haha! I was multitasking though and I worked during my lunch break!

The live stream today showed us how to make a webpage really quickly including JQuery, HTML and CSS. JQuery I haven’t worked with yet but I understand the gist of it. It was really cool seeing some new properties in action!

I have the code for that page now so I’m going to play around with it a bit.

I also just finished my week 2 assignment for my class. It was fun and helped reinforce my knowledge. I just had to make two simple webpages. One about my favourite band; I had to think about this one but I came up with Coldplay. One about my favourite recipe.

Until next time,