I’ve been feeling no motivation whatsoever to make videos. It’s pretty bad but I’m not inspired at all. Amy (from Vagabond Youth) released a video this month talking about how she hasn’t felt like her authentic self on YT lately. She said she felt like she was just putting out content that was “commercial” and popular I guess. I feel the same way. Even though I’m super super small I feel like I need to do the formulaic things in order to be relevant. But I feel like I have so much more to offer than hauls and lookbooks. They’re fun and easy to watch but I want to do more. The only thing is I don’t know HOW. I don’t know what I would put up instead… I like design, techy things, games, editing, but I don’t know how to portray that in a video.

Sigh. I just need to brain storm a bit but I haven’t had time. What with work and all these other things I’m doing in terms of learning coding/programming.

In other news, I just came back from Korea. I loved loved it there. I’ve been before but that trip was very short and I didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to. This time though! We were there for almost 2 weeks! It was so so amazing. The little stores, boutiques and cafes are absolutely gorgeous. The design detail and themes are just so cool. Why can’t it be like that over here? Everyone there dresses so nice. I kind of hope to live there or work there someday. 🙂




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